Finding your Fashion Flair at Home.

By now, you would have completed your at home facials & mani-pedi’s, you’ve home schooled the kids & done some baking… & we know you’ve drank lots of local wine. Now its time to uplift your ‘stay-in’ wardrobe & find your fashion flair at home!

What we decide to wear everyday can impact how we’re feeling during isolation. Feeling pretty is an important part of self-care. It’s time to swap out the track pants & lycra for a second, & find yourself some ‘pick-me-up’ fashion pieces that you can absolutely wear to the living room, kitchen or patio. Go on, give it a go & see how it makes you feel ???? Comfortable & uplifting… that’s the goal!

We are well into Autumn now & heading towards Winter so it’s time to pull out your Knitwear, Coats & Blazers.

One of our ‘stay-in’ essentials is the wonderful Nobody Denim Jeans along with a tee – then to bring in a pop of colour, the ‘Take Me Higher Blazer’ featuring a fresh Autumn Orange! If this is the inspiration you’re needing, check out these pieces below. Oh & don’t forget the power of a fun piece of bling! Pop on a quirky earring for the day or you can shop our Peter Lang Collection for something new!

Choose a colour palette that reflects how you’d like to feel. This week, we’ve chosen orange to inspire motivation, which also gives us a sense of freedom & warmth. The different colours in your wardrobe can stimulate different emotions & feelings. For example, Red boasts ambition, energy & confidence so pop on this bold colour for your next zoom meeting!

How are you feeling? There’s no denying, staying home all the time can get us a little down, this pulls us towards basic blacks & neutral colours. At Cherry Red we enjoy colour & we know loving what you’re wearing is a great boost for mental health!

Why not try something a little different…

Get dressed up to stay in for your Friday Night Date! Create a Perfect Paradise on your Patio & enjoy an amazing moment wearing something special like the ‘Cowboy Tears Midi Dress’. This stunning piece reflects romance & beauty, bringing out your inner-queen! We are all allowed to look like we just stepped off the runway whilst just at home… no reason needed!

Take this time at home to branch out & have some fun with your outfits, be adventures & try something new! Don’t worry, no one’s watching!

Love- Terri, Caitlin & the Cherry Red Team x

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See you Soon