Our Community, Our Customers

We are truly inspired everyday by our customers, our community, our labels & our agents! What makes our boutique so important is the community we live in & our beautiful customers.

We feel a connection to the ladies we style every day, from just a simple pair of jeans & blouse, right through to the luxurious elegance of an evening gown & everything in between.

Our Cherry Red Community continues to grow day by day, now with over 2700 organic followers on Instagram & 6760 Facebook followers! Our personalised approach to marketing shows we care about making all women feel fabulous & confident.

Our Fabulous Community, Our Gorgeous Region

Cherry Red began in Mudgee, NSW.

Mudgee is just a short drive from the Blue Mountains, northwest of Sydney! Mudgee has a fabulous selection of wineries, restaurants & of course, boutiques which attracts close to 40,000 visitors per year.

Our boutique flaunts a fabulous red & white façade catching the eye of many fashion lovers. Inside Cherry Red, the racks are filled with carefully considered pieces & many Australian designers. The true beauty of our boutique comes from our personalised service which leaves a lasting impression on our visiting customers. It is with this lasting impression that has helped Cherry Red to grow from a small rural boutique & into the wardrobes of so many different regions & towns throughout Australia.

Our customers have become our Fashion Family & are oh-so special!

There’s a little bit of Cherry Red everywhere. Our inspiring pieces have grown throughout the many areas of Sydney, Melbourne & even reaching Perth

We like to keep those lovely ladies stylish, showing them the newest fashion collections & working with their existing wardrobes to create an individual style just for them!

Our Customers, Our Service

An uplifting & vibrant atmosphere is created in store for our local & visiting customers. They love popping in & having some fashion fun with a little bit of humour & a whole lot of glam. We get very personal with our customers, sometimes grabbing them a coffee & having a chat is a part of our day. We want you to enjoy your Shopping Experience with us!

At Cherry Red, one of our popular services is our phone styling sessions. We connect with our ladies via Facetime & Skype, giving them a virtual try-on in store. This allows them to see how the styles fit & fall, so they can be more confident with their new selections & working those pieces back with their existing wardrobe. This very unique service has grown over the last few years becoming very popular for the ladies needing new wardrobes; they then continue to add special pieces over time.

So, whether you’re a lover of quality & fashion or just needing some styling advice & everyday pieces, Cherry Red is the Perfect Community for you.

To all of our customers & our whole community, we want to say thank you!

Love- Terri, Caitlin & the Cherry Red Team x

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See you Soon

Gorgeous Image by Dillon Price Photography