The Beauty of Autumn Fashion \\ A transeasonal masterpiece…

The dawn of a new season hands us the opportunity to start fresh & reflect on what’s hanging in the wardrobe. Each season brings a change in trends & favoured styles, & like the change of seasons, our style & clothing preferences change also. Our feelings on style, colour, fabrics & even comfort have evolved since Autumn ’23 & there may be a few pieces that need swapping out. It is important to retire these pieces in favour for something that will elevate your wardrobe & help you build a strong transeasonal capsule.

The month of March can sometimes feel unpredictable with the weather changing from day to day – Monday & Tuesday start off hot but by the end of the week, we could be wearing jumpers in the mornings & needing light layers through the day; then we’re back to warmer weather. As frustrating as this is, do not worry, we’re all in the same boat & we have picked & curated our Cherry Red clothing for just this! We have been receiving gorgeous new arrivals that are perfect to wear now & layer later, these being ideal styles to add to your wardrobe now to create a reliable & versatile transeasonal collection. This solves the issue of standing in front of our robe thinking, “what do I wear?”, “I have nothing to wear” & “what if I get hot/cold?”. Our new collections from Sancia, Esmaee & Coster Copenhagen have quickly solved the “what do I wear?” question, with easy, stylish designs that wear with you throughout the seasons & makes it simple to style yourself in the mornings.

At Cherry Red, we have always encouraged ‘quality over quantity’ by helping our customers & clients to pick items that seamlessly flow with & compliment their existing wardrobe. Our aim is to provide clothing that is sustainable & lasts for years, clothing that is truly suited for the term “investment pieces”. High quality items are not just for a season, they’re life-long companions that last for as long as you want them! Due to the high quality & “popular” nature of our wonderful brands, your pieces can always be passed along to a friend or family member once you’ve had your seasons with them – making a conscious decision to support sustainability. And yes, our quality items really do last that long! Here at Cherry Red, we will always believe that investing in quality will have you feeling & looking your best time & time again, no matter the weather.

The art of layering is everything when it comes to the Autumn season & is a fun way to mix & match textures & fabrics, colours & prints. Layering isn’t just piling on clothes, it is the fusion of snugness, sophistication & style, & the flexibility to add or subtract pieces – easing into a seamless transition from sunny days to chilly evenings. Each season we see layering pieces in Esmaee, Mia Fratino & Verge arrive to Cherry Red. These fan-favourite brands will soon launch a March collection (arriving soon) that will introduce a range of perfect layering pieces, acting as building blocks to add to our transitional wardrobe – keep an eye out for these new arrivals, you don’t want to miss them!

Our all-time favourite layering pieces, which we consider to be wardrobe staples, is the ever so trusty blazer & denim jacket. These essential pieces can be worn with a basic tee or over a pretty sundress for the mild Autumn days, & then to be layered over turtlenecks, cashmere knitwear & woollen dresses for a toasty feel as the weather drops. We will also be excited to see the longline cardi’s, refined puffer jackets & fur coats coming back this season, for the outerwear layering options we can’t live without!

We are seeing more & more of our fabulous clients buying in complete outfits. This ensures they always have a go-to, stylish outfit in their wardrobe – one that they can rely on, no matter the temperature! This season is all about breaking the rules on what we think our personal style may be, & pushing the boundaries when it comes to our fashion & wardrobe decisions – taking outfits to new heights & experimenting with bold colour combos, different fabric textures & chic silhouettes.

Spend the Autumn season with Cherry Red. Let us layer you up & style your outfit, perfectly complimenting your look with your personality, lifestyle & body type! Browse our new season collections in our lovely boutique at 87 Market Street, Mudgee or shop our ‘New Arrivals’ page online!

Looking for a little extra help in styling your seasonal wardrobe? Click HERE to chat with us regarding our personal shopping & styling service!